Marcato Atlas 180 mm Roller Classic machine for making sheets of fresh pasta

Marcato Atlas 180 mm Roller Classic machine for making sheets of fresh pasta

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Atlas 180 Roller, from the Marcato Classic line, is the machine for making home-made pasta, fitted with wider rollers so that you can make 180 mm sheets of pasta.

Marcato Atlas 180 mm Roller Classic cannot be fitted with other Marcato cutting accessories, but the machine does let you choose the thickness of the sheets, between 4.8mm and 0.6mm, thanks to its 10-position regulating knob.

The pasta machine comes with a clamp, so you can attach the model to your table, as well as a handle.  It is also equipped with a bayonet fittingso that the Pastadrive motor can be connected to it, making it easier for you to prepare your pasta.

Marcato's continuous pursuit of quality can be seen in this product, with its rollers made of anodised aluminium alloy that do not release any metal onto the dough.

Marcato Atlas 180 mm Roller Classic is the machine that brings the unique and wholesome taste of home-made lasagne to your table.


  1. Do not use in the dishwasher
    2. Do not clean with metal objects
    3. Clean with a toothpick or a small brush
Measurements and Material
Product   Length/Width/Heigth     Weight  
  Atlas 180 mm Roller      9.06x4.72x5.12x in    46.30 oz

Chrome-plated steel - rollers: anodised aluminium alloy


  • Manufacturer - Italy
  • Colour - Chrome
  • Select the body material - Steel and aluminum
  • The function cutting pasta - No
  • Trademark - Marcato


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