Marcato Atlas 150 mm Classic home-made pasta machine

Marcato Atlas 150 mm Classic home-made pasta machine

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Atlas 150 mm, from the Marcato Classic line, is the traditional chrome-plated machine for making home-made pasta. With its simple and elegant shape, it is without a doubt the most versatile of all the manual pasta machines.

It lets you prepare 3 pasta shapes quickly: lasagne, fettuccine (6 mm) and tagliolini (1.5 mm). Thanks to this pasta machine, you can enjoy fresh pasta made with your own hands combined with all of the flavour of the Old Italian tradition, when pasta was always home-made.

Atlas 150 mm Classic can be used with 13 interchangeable accessories, sold separately, which fit on easily, to unleash your creativity in the kitchen and make many types of fresh pasta.  

The 10-position regulating knob produces pasta sheet thicknesses from 4.8 mm, in position num. 0, to 0.6 mm, in position num. 9.

Atlas 150 mm Classic includes a handy clamp to attach the machine to the table, and a practical handle. To prepare home-made pasta quickly, fit the machine with a Pastadrive motor by Marcato: it will reduce by half the amount of time and effort.

Thanks to the experience and technological innovation gained in the 80 years of the company's history, the anodised aluminium alloy rollers, as with all Marcato rollers, have been designed and patented to not release metals onto the dough.

The clean line combined with the quality of the parts and the mirror-finish chrome plating make Atlas 150 mm the best selling of all the classic home-made pasta machines.

Measurements and Material
Product  Length/Width/Heigth  Weight
Atlas 150 mm Classic    7.87 x 7.87 x 6.10 x in   59.52 oz

Chrome-plated steel - rollers: anodised aluminium alloy


  • Manufacturer - Italy
  • Colour - Chrome
  • Select the body material - Steel and aluminum
  • The function cutting pasta - Yes
  • Trademark - Marcato


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