Die "FUSILLI" for Ristorantica

74.90 €


Ristorántica dies allow you to make many different shapes of fresh extruded pasta, both short and long.

Thanks to the continuous technological innovation of Marcato, Ristorántica dies, made with bronze, are reliable and long-lasting.

Ristorántica's secret is the special design of its blade which, on the one hand mixes the ingredients simulating the manual action of your wrists, making the dough smooth, compact and elastic. While, on the other hand, it pushes the dough through the selected die, producing the required pasta shape.

Pasta made with Ristorántica is a perfect fresh pasta, with a wrinkled and rough surface that captures the sauce that tops it.


1. Do not use in the dishwasher
2. Do not clean with metal objects
3. Clean with a toothpick or a small brush


Measurements and Material
FUSILLI        58  x  11,9  x  58 mm 0,15 kg


  • Manufacturer - Italy
  • Colour - Gold
  • Select the body material - Bronze
  • Trademark - Marcato


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