Marcato Dispenser black flour, sugar and cocoa sifter

24.90 €

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This Dispenser, from the Marcato Design line, is the perfect accessory for sifting flour over pasta.

It is available in 7 attractive colours: copper, red, pink, silver, blue, green and black.

It is made entirely with food-grade anodised aluminium alloy; it can be used with any type of flour, icing or caster sugar and cocoa powder.

The shape of the Dispenser accessory is simple and elegant, combining practicality and design.

Keep this accessory in your kitchen, on-hand whenever you make home-made biscuits and fresh pasta.

Its ergonomic shape offers a better grip and its aesthetic line is similar to Biscuits, making Dispenser the perfect complement for your kitchen.


1. Do not use in the dishwasher.
2. Do not clean with metal objects.
3. Clean with a toothpick or a small brush.

Dimensioni e Materiale
   Prodotto   Lung/Larg/Alt   Peso
   Dispenser    55 x 55 x 125 mm    0,2 kg

Lega di alluminio anodizzato


  • Manufacturer - Italy
  • Colour - Black
  • Select the body material - Anodized aluminum
  • Trademark - Marcato


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