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Operation of the home hand oil press: how to press pure oil? 

The Piteba oil expeller is a small hand-operated press for home-use. With the standard press ( standard cap and adjustment bolt ) you press oil from all seeds and nuts with over 25% oil. From now on you press your own oil from a very wide range of seeds.

How easy is it?

Check out the video first. It will make it very clear.

More videos at the bottom of the page.




Fill the press with seeds or nuts and turn the crank. The oil flows out of the press through the oil slit. The press cake is pressed out of the cap.


The pressed oil is turbid when it leaves the press. If you want a clear oil, leave it for a few days at room temperature. The oil will clarify.


Mount the press on a sturdy table or workbench with the supplied bolts.
The third picture shows the Mounting set.


Slide the screw with washer in the press tube. Screw the cap and adjustment bolt on the press. Slide the swivel on the shaft of the screw and fasten it. Now put the funnel on the inlet. Use the funnel of the EasyFill set.  An alternative funnel can be made by cutting off the upper part of a PET bottle. Find a bowl or cup for the oil and a cup to catch the pulp.


Fill the bottle with lamp oil (paraffin oil) and secure it with the rubber band under the press. Now turn on the small burner and wait about 10 minutes. The press is warm now, so more oil will be produced. It remains cold pressed oil (oil temperature below 40 ° C). If you think the oil gets too warm, use a slightly smaller flame. Above 25 ° C (tropical conditions), the burner usually does not need to be used.

Setting of the adjustment bolt

By using the adjustment bolt the pressure can be adjusted. The further you tighten it, the higher the pressure in the press will be. For some seeds and nuts the adjustment bolt is not used. For most species, I have determined the setting. If you want to press something that's not in the list, just try out.

Press cake

There are all kinds of applications for the press cake. For example, the peanut or walnut press cake is edible after roasting. Other nuts and seeds can be used as animal feed or compost.


Sometimes you encounter unexpected problems. The press cake becomes stone hard and no oil is produced!

Do not panic because this is very easy to solve. Add a small amount of water to the seed, exactly as described on page 2 of the manual (located at the bottom of the page under "Information") and as shown in the pictures. Weigh the seed with the tool, add 1 teaspoon of water, shake a little and leave for 48 hours (24 hours in small seeds).


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